Hey babe, nice to meet you! Welcome to Shop Lyssy. I am Alyssa Love the owner and creator here! As you can guess, Lyssy is a nickname of mine and one day it clicked for me that this would be the perfect name for my very own dream company. Sweet, simple and dainty just like our style! I am beyond excited to have created this boutique style store filled with all my favorite things! Since a young age, I have been the queen of all things girly! Makeup, clothes, fashion shows, hair, you name it I love it ALL! Coming from also being very crafty and entrepreneurial, I have constantly loved creating with my hands and putting my creative talents to use. I have done several little businesses my whole life as business is my passion. It all has blossomed to this moment into creating my very own dream boutique that will stand for the rest of my career! With my love for different aspects within the realm of girlyness and aesthetic I wanted to create a shop that can do just that! Fashion, accessories, thrift pieces, decor and so much more! A one-stop-shop for all the pink, girly, colorful, trendy but modest & affordable goodies! Promoting positivity, happiness and love is my goal in this space and to empower others to #dowhatyoulove. So here's to embracing your inner Lyssy my friend

Xoxo, Alyssa